The Best Vacation We’ve Ever Had

I needed a really nice spot to take my family for vacation this past year. I really owed them something nice because I was always saying we would do something, but then work would interfere. I never let that stop them from going, but I was not able to be with them the last three years because of unexpected business. I knew that there was nothing that would prevent me from going this last year because my brother was watching things for me while I was gone. That meant we could enjoy one of the luxury vacation homes in Cabo.

I looked at the different vacation homes available, and I really liked one in particular. I knew that it was going to be the one where we could have privacy in our home for the week, but also enjoy some of the things that are available in town and nearby areas as well. I knew that no one really believed I would be going with them, so my wife and our six children were excited but kind of pessimistic as well. When we hopped on the plane to go, that is when the real fun started because everyone knew that I was actually coming this time.

Our vacation home was nothing less than perfect. Each of the kids had their own rooms, and there was so much to do right at the house. Situated right on the beach, we spent most days there at least for an hour or so, just having fun soaking up the rays and swimming, and of course building sand castles. There was also a pool at the house and a media room, and I was able to watch films with my family without worrying about million dollar deals that I had to take care of the next day. This was the best vacation ever, and I cannot wait to do it again.