Tips for Choosing an Event Venue

Planning an event involves making a lot of decisions, each of which can have a major effect on the success of the event. One of the most significant decisions is choosing the Event Venue. While the size of the event and the budget will play a big role in this decision, other factors are also important.


People need to be able to get to the event. This means choosing a venue that is conveniently located. Choose a venue too far away, and it will limit the number of attendees. Don’t forget to take into account how people are going to get to the venue. If they’re driving, there needs to be plenty of parking at the event or you’ll need to arrange for them to park elsewhere and be bused to the event, which makes the whole process more complicated. Sometimes valet parking is included, which can help solve the parking problem. Make sure the venue is handicap accessible as well.

Catering Options

Most events involve at least some type of food. Think about whether the venue can provide this food or whether the food will need to be arranged through a separate catering company. If the site does provide food, will they let you use another company for some or all of the food? If not, make sure there are suitable menu options available within your price range. Take potential allergies into consideration, either asking people to let you know if they need a special meal or including allergen-friendly options in the regular menu. Ask whether alcohol can be provided and what restrictions there are on this, as some venues may not allow it or will only allow it if they provide the alcohol and the bartenders.


Some venues allow you to do a little customizing at the venue, such as using your own decorations or choosing from various options for dishes, table clothes, napkins, silverware and centerpieces. Others may not be as flexible. Can furniture be rearranged, are there different options for lighting and can you bring in your own DJ or band? Check to see whether these items are included in the venue fee or if there are extra charges involved.